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Energy Shot!

Don’t forget to get your Weekly Energy Shots here with my Weekly MiniSets!

A new one this Thursday.

Lots of my favourite House this week.

This Week is busy busy:

Thursday at Church, Friday at Getto and Saturday at Prik!

DJ GhostMagic's Weekly Energy Shots at

New update from

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Vol. 1, Ep. 8 - House MiniSet

This week has 4 of my favourite tracks!

I did the second track mashup, and the last two are bangers I’ve had for quite some time…

Download at:

Also, keep in mind this link:

That will be updated directly to the latest miniset’s MP3 as soon as it’s available every week.

Church again next week, check Songkick for all my dates.

Vol. 1, Ep. 8 – House MiniSet by Dj Ghostmagic on Mixcloud

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